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We are happy to announce that in keeping with the State Government's directive about reopening of churches and other places of worship; the Cathedral will be open through the week for personal prayer from 7 am to 3 pm As of now there will be only one service on Sunday @ 8:45 am Tour groups are not permitted until further notice

Those of you who enjoy church music and want to be part of our church choir, please get in tocuh with our choir master Mr. Ravi Joshua (Choirmaster&Organist) Phone : (R) +91 22830499 (M) +91 9892010248 Email :

We require volunteers to help us out with church services, decoration and other event during the Christmas season. For more details please get in touch with us. Rev. Avinash Rangayya (Presbyter-in-Charge) Phone : (Church) +91 22839783, (R) +91 22071275, (M) +91 9820750090. Email : Mr. Surendh Dawson (Secretary-Pastorate Committee) Phone : (R) +91 22 25544433 (M) +91 07690 67710 Email : Mrs. Supriya Telgote (President-WFCS) Phone : (M) +91 9833791690 Email :