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Sunday Services at St. Thomas' Cathdral are suspended further notice as a measure towards containment of COVID-19. Inconvenience regretted.

Those of you who enjoy church music and want to be part of our church choir, please get in tocuh with our choir master Mr. Ravi Joshua (Choirmaster&Organist) Phone : (R) +91 22830499 (M) +91 9892010248 Email :

We require volunteers to help us out with church services, decoration and other event during the Christmas season. For more details please get in touch with us. Rev. Avinash Rangayya (Presbyter-in-Charge) Phone : (Church) +91 22839783, (R) +91 22071275, (M) +91 9820750090. Email : Mr. Surendh Dawson (Secretary-Pastorate Committee) Phone : (R) +91 22 25544433 (M) +91 07690 67710 Email : Mrs. Supriya Telgote (President-WFCS) Phone : (M) +91 9833791690 Email :