St. Thomas' Cathedral welcomes you to the Services during the Christmas Season 2021. 

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St. Thomas' Cathedral is open for public worship from October 10, 2021.

Our Cathedral is open to general public for offering personal prayers and for meditation from 8 am to 6 pm on all week days.

The first service, after the second COVID lock down, is on October 10, 2021. This service is also a celebration of 303rd Anniversary of St. Thomas' Cathedral. 

We welcome all of you to our Cathedral ! 

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There have been new restrictions announced which cap the number of people in places of worship to fifty. Thank you for adhering to the safety protocols 

Lenten Bible Study is being conducted online every Wednesday at 7pm. There was an encouraging response to the first one. These will be lead by the Lay Readers. The theme this Lent is: ‘Discipleship’. ID: 2292392476, pass code: 123456  

World Day of Prayer is observed every year on March 5. Each year women from a particular country compile the service. This year’s service has been compiled by the women of the Pacific island nation of Vanuatu. The theme is, ‘Build on a strong foundation’. The Diocesan Women for Christian Service will be hosting an online service on March 5 at 6pm (zoom meeting ID: 9011959641, pass code - DWFCS2019)  

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As per Government and Diocesan guidelines, you are requested to strictly comply with the following:

1) Please cooperate with the Security as they carry out the mandatory checks before you enter.

2) Make use of sanitizers kept at the entrance

3) Wearing of face covering is mandatory at all times throughout the service

4) Maintain the distance as indicated by the positioning of the chairs

5) Congregational singing is not yet permitted

6) Please take this service bulletin home with you. It is mandatory to do so

7) Leave as soon as the service is over. Avoid gathering outside in groups

8) Presently administration of Holy Communion is not allowed

9) Until further instructions from the Bishop, the service will be that of the Liturgy of the Word

10) Read the Diocesan advisory carefully 

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 We are happy to announce that in keeping with the State Government's directive about reopening of churches and other places of worship; the Cathedral will be open through the week for personal prayer from 7 am to 3 pm As of now there will be only one service on Sunday @ 8:45 am Tour groups are not permitted until further notice